Vlad Demin


Date of Birth: June 22, 1974
Weight: 221 lbs
Height: 6’ 2”
Education: Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS). The art director of the course is Professor M.B. Skandarov - the honored figure of Arts of the Russian Federation.
The honorable President of Krasnoyarsk regional federation of hand-to-hand combat and traditional karate.

Vlad Demin attracts audiences and directors not just with his talent and his bright and imposing appearance (this type of looks is peculiar more likely to western actors). He is unique in the way that all the stuns in the action scenes on the shootings are performed by him personally and at the same time he is actually professional actor of dramatic theatre and cinema.

Videopresentation. DVD is endorsed.

The first action series with participation of Vlad Demin was called “Fighter” (2003). Vlad played a boxer, the bad guy named Sladko. After the first screenshot? the TV series became a blockbuster not only in Russia, but in all other republics of former USSR. Unprecedented fighting scenes have shocked the public with all reality uncut. “The Fighter” has been many times translated by all leading federal channels of Russia. The acting done by Demin was so bright that has been noticed not just by spectators, but by the most Russian Directors. Now on the channel REN of TV from October, 26th till November, 12th, the next repetition of a serial “FIGHTER”.

After this success, the offers were coming in very often:

  • "Thrown up", (a military drama).
  • "Hatred", (a drama, the First Channel, 1 ORT).
  • «A jail. Fyodor Setchenov's business», (serial, NTV).
  • «The Hell chronicle» and its full TV version «Main caliber», a role of Otto Skortsene- the scout and Hitler's right hand, (an adventure action where fighting scenes were executed by Vlad grasp spirit).
  • "Panther", (the action-comedy). In a film which has been done in the best traditions of a Jackie Chan, Vlad managed a bright role of the ex-champion Ice Hockey nicknamed “Gold”. Final scenes of fight and reunion Demin’s hero with his daughter, causes him tears and testifies about Drama talent of the actor. DVD is applied.
  • «Good guys», (8 serial, teleserial.) Vlad plays a main role of the good policeman. Vlad Demin says: «Our heroes, their mutual relations and adventures remind me my favourite film «Lethal Weapon» starring by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover». TV viewers have seen a film in the spring of 2009 on NTV channel. DVD is applied.

Now the author of the scenario of "Fighter" Vladimir Bragin works over a new pilot, this time the scenario is written specially for Demin in different variants: TV movie and a teleserial from 8 to 16 series, including bright action scenes and dramatic history where Vlad's character comes out the winner. Vlad on an educational platform of the HOST of GITIS has played Martin Eden's role under Jack London's novel. At the moment, he works over Stanley's role in the play “A streetcar named "Desire"” written by Tennessee Williams.

Experts, critics and the press consider Vlad as the ascending movie star and mark its demand in the Russian cinema as it on physical standards and possession of single combats, that does not concede Jean Claude Van Dame (“Bloody sports”) and Dolph Lundgren («Direct Contact», 2008). At the same time, Vlad plays the deep heroes embodied by such masters as Marlon Brando (A streetcar named "Desire") and Danny Glover («Lethal weapon»).

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